31 State Legislature Links

31 States Majority

Your State Legislatures below are for YOU to supervise and hold accountable to our God and Constitutions​, both State and Federal​.All links below are detailed lists of ​our 31 sister states most likely to align with our God’s agenda interests.

Our mission is to author God agenda interests legislation in these 31 States, because uniting them to pass our State Laws that require certain votes by their Senate and House Reps provide the filibuster proof majority of 62 Senators in the U.S. Senate. In this way we legislate our U.S. Senate and House Reps vote ONLY to approve Balanced Federal Budgets, reduction of national debt, insure adequate Military budgets, and more.

That is achieved ONLY by Patriot Pastors DOING our duty to represent God agenda interests in state legislatures!

​​These 31 States have Republican majorities, so here are the ​Republican Senators and House Representatives​ we must unite to support our God’s agenda interests​, with the exception of Nebraska which has an Unicameral setup and does not use party denominations.