Dual Sovereigns

Our U.S. Constitution does not exist “at the will of any ONE or more of the States during their good pleasure…” but rather it is a contract of honor between 50 Sovereign Independent States who bound us together as a Republic of Sovereign States.

Any ONE STATE who violates this contract or attempts to do so, violates their own Honor, the Honor
of their State Founders who pledged their Honor, and will never be allowed to prevail in their violation because the will of the honorable States must prevail, and so the Courts have ruled.

Our U.S. Constitution can only be changed with two-thirds of the existing States agreeing to do so, issue by issue. The American Constitution Center.org champions the United States Constitution (1787) as the most important legal document in America.

It has​ endured for over two centuries. It has never failed or faltered.

None of the 50 State Constitutions that govern each State’s citizens have failed or faltered.

The American Constitution Center.org champions 50 State Constitutions as​ well as the United States Constitution.

Understanding them is vital for​ every honorable citizen, who must be educated, informed, supervisors of their
system of fundamental principles of government, as the standard against which all laws, policies, regulations, and interpretations should be measured.

The U.S. Constitution is the contract of 50 United States, by agreement of these 50 Sovereign States, each of whom have their own State Constitutions that govern their State alone.

These​ 50 States form The United States of America, a Republic, not a Democracy, but an honor bound nation of citizens, a system of fundamental principles of government.

Our national illiteracy and apathy of our most basic components of our system must be exposed, corrected, and championed for several generations to restore American Honor and Virtue.

Louie E. Johnston Jr.