NOTE: ALL Judeo-Christian believers in God Jehovah of the Holy Bible are welcomed and honored. “Patriot Pastors.US” is for Active Pastors, Priests, Rabbis. “Christian Patriots.US” is for Active Judeo-Christian believers in God Jehovah of the Holy Bible.

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LE Johnston

“If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.” -Rev. Charles Finney – 19th Century Revivalist and catalyst for America’s “Second Great Awakening”

Louie E. Johnston Jr.
National Director of Legislation and Pastor Training for Patriot Pastors.US

Louie Johnston Jr. born 1950, accomplished multi sport athlete and coach at high school and college levels, also excelled in multiple industries, including transportation, manufacturing, computer systems design, Consulting. Johnston’s MBA, Consulting success, 50+ state of the art systems designed and implemented, including a U.S. Patent for computer system installed world wide for the U.S.A. Military are examples.
Since 2001 to present, was called into full time God & Country service with zero personal compensation as a Minister, Chaplain, U.S. Historian, Constitutionalist, God & Country Judeo Christian Patriot activist, Speaker.  Johnston has to date authored 12 books, produced 8 Documentaries, 50+ Television programs, many seen on Fox and other national networks, syndicated radio programs &  columns, legislation for 31 States, Praise & Worship CDs, US History audio cds.
Johnston devotes his personal resources in Founding and serving without compensation as Director for Layman, Mobile Church for Homeless, Hungry, Needy Americans,  providing Training for Patriot Pastors in America through Patriot, providing a free American online Judeo Christian Heritage library through American Constitution, a collective hub of all his work at Louie, all during and after a successful business career in multiple industries, including owning the Blue Wing trademark, founded in 1919 and subsequent Founder and Director of Blue Wing and the Blue Wing International products and services.

“Patriot Pastors” are defined as Active Pastors/Priests/Rabbis of Active Churches and Synagogues

Patriot Pastors actively promote and protect the interests of God Jehovah of The Holy Bible.
Patriot Pastors are Active Pastors of any Biblical Judeo-Christian belief or doctrine.
Patriot Pastors have no selfish interests agendas, such as Doctrine, Race, Political Party, Unions.
Patriot Pastors are Minute Men Prayer Warrior Leaders trained to mobilize their Church or Synagogues to action.
Patriot Pastors are Citizens, Minute Men, Prayer Warriors, trained to supervise all elected officials.

Christian Patriots

“Christian Patriots” are Judeo-Christian Citizens, Minute Men, Prayer Warriors, trained to supervise all elected officials.

Patriot Pastors.US and Christian Patriots.US are tax deductible Religious Education Programs of Layman Lessons Church and

MISSION… Uniting Active Patriot Pastors/Priests/Rabbis, in 31 States with majority Judeo-Christian values, to lead, train and equip Judeo-Christian Patriots to supervise and hold accountable all American government officials, to insure the interests of God Jehovah of The Holy Bible are promoted and protected in our Federal, State, and Local governments. For God Jehovah first, then Country, and nothing else.

31 STATES… American Constitution Founder and Director Louie E. Johnston Jr. started ChristianPatriots.US and PatriotPastors.US as a Constitutionalist and Legislation Author with Legislation in process in 31 States since 2010. Johnston serves as Director of Legislation and Pastor Training. Active Pastors/Priests/Rabbis in our 31 States are urged to contact us and join our righteous cause.

Contact Patriot Pastors.US to join our Minute Men and get the Pastor Training in our Christian Heritage. We must preserve our posterity before we turn this nation over to our precious grandchildren. Join us at the tip of the spear to reclaim America for our God Jehovah of The Holy Bible. Who will LEAD for God Jehovah, to insure “there are no other gods in His sight” in America? 615-358-8787


31 States Majority

Your State Legislatures below are for YOU to supervise and hold accountable to our God and Constitutions. All links below are detailed lists of Republican Senators and House Representatives, with the exception of Nebraska which has an Unicameral setup and does not use party denominations.

ALABAMA: Senators House Representatives
ALASKA: Senators House Representatives
ARIZONA: Senators House Representatives
ARKANSAS: Senators House Representatives
COLORADO: Senators House Representatives
FLORIDA: Senators House Representatives
GEORGIA: Senators House Representatives

IDAHO: Senators House Representatives
INDIANA: Senators House Representatives
IOWA: Senators House Representatives
KANSAS: Senators House Representatives
KENTUCKY: Senators House Representatives

LOUISIANA: Senators House Representatives
MISSISSIPPI: Senators House Representatives
MISSOURI: Senators House Representatives
MONTANA: Senators House Representatives
NEBRASKA: Representatives (no party affiliation)
NEVADA: Senators House Representatives
NEW MEXICO: Senators House Representatives
NORTH CAROLINA: Senators House Representatives

NORTH DAKOTA: Senators House Representatives

OHIO: Senators House Representatives
OKLAHOMA: Senators House Representatives
SOUTH CAROLINA: Senators House Representatives
SOUTH DAKOTA: Senators House Representatives
TENNESSEE: Senators House Representatives
TEXAS: Senators House Representatives
UTAH: Senators House Representatives
VIRGINIA: Senators House Representatives
: Senators House Representatives
WYOMING: Senators House Representatives